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3 Signs that your Dryer Vent Contractor isn't doing their Job

Did you hire a contractor to clean your property’s dryer vents, but you’re still having tenants call all the time complaining about their dryers?  Here is 3 signs your dryer vent contractor isn’t to be trusted:

It’s hard to know if your contractor did anything when cleaning hidden areas, and if you should continue trusting them to resolve the problems your tenants are seeing – maybe your contractor is ripping you off, or maybe the vents are just that bad.  So how do you tell the difference between the two? 
#1 They used Consumer-Grade Tools to clean the Dryer Vents
When we work with properties that have had bad experiences in the past with dryer vent cleaning, we often hear that the company they hired used leaf blowers or similar consumer-grade tools to clean out the dryer vents. Unfortunately, leaf blowers do not do anything to clean out dryer vents – all they did was blow air through the duct, something the dryer does already!  When a dryer vent is dirty, lint is most often stuck on edges and ridges in the ducting, and it must be removed with far more powerful tool than a leaf blower.  That’s why we use specialized tools for dryer vent cleaning, using a spinning head with reverse forced air push a powerful flow of air through the vents.

#2 You don't see Lint coming out of the Vents
If you don’t see lint coming out of the dryer vents during or after the contractor is working, that may be reason to be suspicious.  It could be that your contractor is merely dislodging the lint (a common dryer vent cleaning technique), in which case, you should expect to see the lint coming out in the following week after the cleaning.
It could also be that your contractor is not finding that much lint because you’ve kept your dryer vents relatively clean – in that case, the cleaning may just be for maintaining building code regulations.
However, if you know that your dryer vents haven’t been cleaned the last 5-10 years, your contractor isn’t coming up with lint from the cleaning, and you’re not seeing lint come up from vents that have already been cleaned, that might be a sign your dryer vent contractor isn’t truly cleaning your vents.  
#3 Your Tenants are still Complaining
Even after a large-scale full-property cleaning, there will be a handful of tenants that will need extra attention to their dryer duct – impacted, wet, or tangled lint can all result in the need for a dryer vent extraction; birds and rodent nests can also make an extraction necessary.  
All of these are common reasons for the necessity of an extraction, and can affect a large portion of the property if the vents have been neglected for long enough.  However, if a significant percentage of your tenants are still having issues with their dryer after your full-property cleaning, and there are not other reasons to believe that a many of the vents might have needed extra attention, your contractor might have been ineffective at cleaning your vents.

What do I do? My Contractor is Not Doing their Job!
We understand how frustrating it can be to find that a contractor isn't doing the work they've been paid to do.  Whether it's because of their incompetence or malicious intent, it's never fun to find our that you have to start the contractor-finding process again.
If you find yourself in this situation, know that we can help.  From giving you a bid over the phone to already being certified with most major insurance verification companies, to working from the exterior so as not to need to enter any of the units, we do everything we can to make the dryer vent cleaning process fast, convenient, and simple.

Give us a call today at (720) 295 – 2848, or email us at
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